How to watch Asia Cup matches on mobile 2023

The 2023 Asia Cup is about to begin. 6 teams will participate in this year’s Asia Cup. The 16th Asia Cup is going to start from August 30.

Assalamu alaikum dear readers, everyone is fine by the grace of Allah. Dear readers Asia Cup 2023 has started. So many want to watch live Asia Cup with Android mobile. Because there are many electricity problems in Bangladesh, the number of people watching Asia Cup 2023 live via mobile has also gone out. So today we will share a great app. Through which you can watch Asia Cup 2023 live without any problem.

Link to watch live game online
You can watch Live Asia Cup cricket online from Rabbitholbd and MyGP app. You can easily watch the game from the Rabbithole BD website or app. MyGP app will also show the game via rabbithole. To watch games through Rabbithole, you need to buy a subscription to the site. Payment can be made by BKash on the site or by GP Mobile account balance. Minimum subscription fee is Rs.20.

As various media companies have bought the rights to broadcast the Asia Cup match, you cannot watch this match live on YouTube. The videos of these games are protected by copyright. So anyone can live stream these games on YouTube. That’s why you can’t watch Asia Cup live on YouTube. However, some channels may broadcast their own live commentary on YouTube. In these cases, videos of old matches are often shown. Others only broadcast score updates on YouTube. You may be able to find these live streams by logging into YouTube and searching during the game.

How to watch Asia Cup live game on Facebook?
Like YouTube, Facebook Live is subject to copyright laws. That is why the Asia Cup game cannot be seen officially on Facebook Live. But even then the game may be shown live from some pages that have to be searched on Facebook during the game. Facebook authorities shut down those livestreams without obtaining the necessary copyright clearance. So the livestream might stop in the middle of watching the game.

How to watch free Asia Cup games online?
If you want to watch the game for free, you have to watch it on TV. Even then you have to have a dish line though. Also can be seen on BTV (probably not BTV World). Check with your internet provider, they may provide free IP TV links. You can also search for some live streams from Facebook Live during the game.

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